Flambeau Candle Stands

Tall Floor Candle Stands are one of the top & everlasting interior favourites of all times and we just could help ourselves. With 3 amazing options of Antique gold, silver chrome & gold chrome, our flambeau candle stands stand apart. Made with 100% brass and coated with all protectants to keep them rust free & gorgeous.

Tallest: 3.3ft

Medium- 3 ft

 Small-2.1 ft

STYLING TIP: These stunning tall candle stand set of 2  can be styled in various ways. Place them in the entrance lobby of your home. This will make an impact the person entering the house & will define the tone of your house. 

Secondly, you can make a cluster of these along with a cluster of candle and place them a visible corner of the house. This way you're filling up empty space in your home effortlessly.

Lastly, you can keep them outdoors. Since they are coated with all the necessary protective agents, they wont rust and stand out.