B/W tobacco Boxes

Fossilised Camel bone artistry is one of the ancient crafting techniques in India. Originating from the Indian State of Rajasthan, This crafting technique was one loved by the royals & aristocrats of that era. What makes this craft unique is the designs and the make is completely different.The design reflect work inspired by smaller design patterns and monotone colors.


Diameter(big): 14.5”   Height(big):5 inch                                

Diameter(S): 12.5inch  Height(S):3.5”inch

MATERIALS:Fossilised Camel bone is an ancient craft based on a popular principle: never let anything get wasted. Artisans used fossilised bones to create breath taking objects.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:Clean with a Damp Cloth

STYLING TIPS:As beautiful as there boxes are, they are versital. Keep them on the ground, on a centre table, on a console, they look elegant everywhere & anywhere!