HOME PANTRY ORGANISATION / PANTRY ESSENTIALS   Pantry seem like such a fancy word or something that only a few can accommodate in their daily li...

    This Post Focuses On Some Of The Different Types Of Upholsteries Out There, Which One Is The Right Pick For You & What Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right One!
  • Decoding Decor With LeelaTheStore-Ep-01- PANTONE

    The Decoding Decor Series With LeelaTheStore focuses on a new Interior Trend Every week, updating us on how to incorporate these interior trends in your home by giving us tips & tricks & a way to always keep our home looking updated & stunning.
  • Tips to Decorate your home without Professional help

    Wanna change up the scenery in your home without hiring professional help?? We've got you covered!  Here are some tip which will help you significantly modify and renew your home!! Check it out!!


  • Top Interior Trends of 2019!!

    So, here are our Favorite trends of home décor at the moment. We hope this has helped you in some way or perhaps guided you to introduce a unique element to your home or persuaded you to step out of your comfort zone a bit & "Experiment"
  • Welcome To our Blog!!

    From the current home decor trends to the everlasting ones, we at LEELATHESOTRE.com are here to bring you the easiest and the best ways to style your home. A home reflects the way of a person’s life. It signifies their nature, their taste all in a very sublime manner. Decor needs can vary from person tp person and we are HERE TO HELP!!!

     So Indulge in the various trends and on goings of home decor. If you want something featured or want to know about somthing, please contact us on info@leelathestore.com <3